An event organser in the welshpool powys area is looking for a speaker for a Samhain Retreat. It is a paid for position for a one night talk. Please contact Lizzie Burgess (Email: backyardbansheecontent@gmail.com)

What''s New?

As our visitor numbers continue to rise both on this website and across social media platforms we are continuing to find ways to support the UK pagan community

The lastest update is a new facility for stallhoilders to join the site. The aim being that event organisers can them use the listings to invite stall holders to book ensuring the right mix of traders at each event

We'll also be adding musicians and hoipefully a list of speakers. Each one will come with links to their website or social media pages, email and phone numbers to enable easy communication. Each regional list will have a download featured available for registered users, which can be used in your preferred mail merge program.

Pagan Village has always been a valuable source guide for what's happening in the pagan world as far as Moots and Events have been concerned, but the aim now is to increase the editorial with all things pagan. So please if you are a budding author, or simply have something you would like to share get in touch using our contact page.